Some Professional Tips On Rudimentary Solutions For Which Are The Best Condoms In India?

As many, many funny design fails have taught us over the years, a badly thought-out design can completely change the message you're trying to convey. It's a lesson condom company Say It With A Condom recently learned, when a quirkily designed Consent Condom caught flack online for actually encouraging sexual assault, Elle UK reports . The backlash seems to link back to a Reddit post to the r/CrappyDesign thread on Saturday. "Safe sex campaign on my campus handed these out," Reddit user wrags23 wrote along with a photo of the offending condoms. And we can see why they caused such an uproar. The condoms show a photo of a pink frosted donut followed by the words, "Go Further Without Consent." Eventually, the packaging made it's way to Twitter, where most people (understandably) read it as a message condoning rape. The people who signed off on this design aren't qualified to do anything more complex than stare out a window.

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